[ANN] ObJectRelationalBridge retirement

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[ANN] ObJectRelationalBridge retirement

A heads up for the Apache ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) user community that
the OJB project has been 'moved to the Attic'.
This means that the OJB developers (more formally its Project Management
Committee) have voted to retire OJB and move the responsibility for its
oversight over to the Attic project.

Loosely speaking this means that the projects resources will be moved to a
read-only state.

You can read more about the Apache Attic and the process of moving to the
Attic at http://attic.apache.org.

You can follow this process in JIRA:


If you are looking for alternatives, current implementations of the JDO
standard and/or the JPA standard should be a good starting point.

Kristian Waagan on behalf of Apache ObJectRelationalBridge + the Attic.

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