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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Derby released

Rick Hillegas
The Apache Derby project is pleased to announce feature release

Apache Derby is a subproject of the Apache DB project. Derby is a pure
Java relational database engine which conforms to the ISO/ANSI SQL and
JDBC standards. Derby aims to be easy for developers and end-users to
work with.

Derby can be obtained from the Derby download site:


Derby contains the following new features:

     * MERGE statement - MERGE is a single, join-driven statement which
     * Deferrable constraints - Constraint enforcement can now be
deferred, typically to the end of a transaction.
     * WHEN clause in CREATE TRIGGER - An optional WHEN clause has been
added which determines which rows fire a trigger.
     * Rolling log file - The Derby diagnostic log can now be split
across a sequence of files.
     * Experimental Lucene support - Derby text columns can now be
indexed and queried via Apache Lucene.
     * Simple case expression - The "simple" and "extended" syntax for
CASE expressions has been added.
     * Better concurrency for identity columns - The concurrency of
identity columns has been boosted.
     * New ij HoldForConnection command - A new ij command has been
added to change the default cursor holdability.
     * Standard syntax for altering column nullability - Standard syntax
has been added for altering the nullability of columns.

In addition, Derby contains many bug, security, and
documentation fixes.

Please try out this new release.