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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Derby released


The Apache Derby project is pleased to announce feature release

Apache Derby is a subproject of the Apache DB project. Derby is a pure Java
relational database engine which conforms to the ISO/ANSI SQL and JDBC
standards. Derby aims to be easy for developers and end-users to work with.

Derby can be obtained from the Derby download site:


Derby contains the following new features:

     * Identity column definitions may now contain the CYCLE clause.  The
       CYCLE clause controls what happens when the identity column exhausts
       its range and wraps around.
     * The new SYSCS_GET_DATABASE_NAME system function returns the
       canonicalized version of the current database name.
     * The new rawDBReader tool can be used in various scenarios to recover
       some or all of the data from a severely corrupted database.
       procedures can be used to process input data files which contain
       one or more header lines at the start of the file.

In addition, Derby contains bug, security, and documentation fixes.

Please try out this new release.