[ANNOUNCE] Village 3.3.1 released

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[ANNOUNCE] Village 3.3.1 released

Thomas Vandahl-2
The Village team is pleased to announce the village-3.3.1 release!

Village is the bridge between Torque and the JDBC-API. This release
fixes some long outstanding bugs and can be used as a drop-in
replacement for village-3.3. The source and binaries are available in
the Maven Repository

Changes in this version include:

Fixed Bugs:
o Fixed: Case sensitivity issues with cached metadata.
o Fixed: Getting the metadata from a prepared statement without
execution does not work with Oracle.
o Fixed: Use cached metadata when running selects. Metdata can be loaded
into the cache with Schema.initSchemas(Connection)  Issue: TORQUE-36.
o Fixed: Statement is left open when Exception is thrown in the
QueryDataSet constructor.  Issue: TORQUE-123.
o Fixed: Village does not close every resultSet it opens.  Issue: TORQUE-8.
o Deal with situation arising in jre1.6.0_18 where an
IllegalArgumentException is encountered for dates with a single digit
month or day of month.  Issue: TORQUE-133. Thanks to Georg Marx.
o Fixed the infamous NPE when Oracle returns null for a blob.

o Removed all methods from Column that are not actually used by Torque

Have fun!
-Village team

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