Annotation-driven Torque-Schema-Generator

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Annotation-driven Torque-Schema-Generator

Christoph Engelbert
 Hi guys,

due to an upcoming idea on the Torque dev-list I / we thought about
adding a new SourceProvider to Torque.

That could, for example, possibly use JPA or JAXB annotations. In
times of webservices a lot of POJO classes with both kinds of
annotations are already existing and both sets of annotations should
be fine to use for collecting information Torque needs.

The annotation-driven SourceProvider would be implemented very
similar to the actual version which is capable of analysing /
transforming the xml-files. That means it will be a
annotation-processor for ant / maven and commandline.

Since this is actually only an idea which just came up it would be
interesting to see other user opinions about how and if it should be

Greetings from Germany

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