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Josh Stern
Hi all,

Not sure if this is the best address for bug reports...please let me
know if some other is preferred.

Issue #1: JdbcModelReader chokes on existing tables that use an
underscore '_' character in their names.  This is apparently due to a
misuses of escaping the name via calls such as

"metaData.escapeForSearch(tableName)" which would be appropriate if the
underscore was some kind of a wildcard search character rather than an
actual part of the literal table name.   My issues were resolved by
removing the function call and simply passing the table name.

Issue #2:  In my working installation - messed about with by Eclipse's
m2e maven plugin - the PrettyPrintingXMLWriter doesn't seem to produce
simple end tags in the case of XML elements that have no sub-elements:  
e.g.  <tag attr="text" /> vs.  <tag attr="text"></tag>.   The apparent
absence of this behavior (changed vs. the custom printer in DdlUtils
1.0) is more verbose, but also causes a large number of regression tests
to fail where the former behavior is literally expected.   Not sure if
this was a library configuration issue local to me or a general issue
with the code update and the tests not being in sync.

It's relatively easy to hand modify a few tests, but the number of tests
with this issue is large.

-= Josh