[DISCUSS] Move DdlUtils to the Apache Attic?

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[DISCUSS] Move DdlUtils to the Apache Attic?

Bryan Pendleton-3
Hi All,

In case you don't know me, I generally hang out in the Derby community,
but I'm currently serving as the Apache DB PMC chairperson.

Among the DB PMC, there is a feeling that it may be time to move the
DdlUtils sub-project to the Apache Attic (https://attic.apache.org/)

Moving a project to the Attic does not remove your access to the DdlUtils
software, as I understand it: the source code remains available in the
Subversion repository, and the existing releases are still available on

Moving a project to the Attic is an acknowledgement that it is not
being actively developed, and in particular makes that status clear to
people who might come across DdlUtils and be uncertain about its state.

If you have an opinion about whether DdlUtils should be moved to
the Apache Attic or not, please do let us know. In particular, if you
are actively working on development of DdlUtils, please let us know that.