Mandragora 0.3.3 released

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Mandragora 0.3.3 released

Alessandro Colantoni
Hi all!
Mandragora 0.3.3 has been released.
The new release has been focused on making easier writing code for
distributed transactions.

It is now very easy using the provided methods to make them work together in
an unique transaction, even on more databases.

Mandragora is a framework that helps building applications providing a
business layer implemented with BD (Business Delegate) , Facade, Application
Service, DAO, Service Locator and Transfer Object patterns; Mandragora
business layer provides 100 of generic methods suitable for the most common
purposes, and helps implementing your core business keeping the j2ee
patterns structure.
The provided DAO has been written with OJB

Everyone that can be interested and have any question, please don't doubt in
writing me.

Best regards

Alessandro Colantoni