Mnadragora 0.3.1, new powerful methods

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Mnadragora 0.3.1, new powerful methods

Alessandro Colantoni
Hi all,

to everybody who is interested in Mandragora, just notify that the new
version 0.3.1 has been released.(

There are new methods available, as

storePathsCascade(Object storeVO,Collection paths, Boolean
pathsHasToBeSorted, Boolean storeVOHasToBeStored)

that store trees of value obejcts.

The tree is represented by *storeVO*, that is the value object root, and *
paths*, that is a collection of strings that are the paths of the tree from
the root Each element of *paths* is a dot separated list of attributes; for
example it could be:


The store cascade is applied even if not specified in the repository.xml.

This method can be considered a way to specify the autoupdate at runtime.

Analogously an other method is

deletePathsCascade(Object parentVO, Collection paths,Boolean
ifM2NDeleteOnlyRelationship, Boolean deleteOneToOne),

but there are many other ones.

Hoping this can help ojb - users

Best regards

Alessandro Colantoni