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Need Quick Help !! Production Issue

Somendra Paul
These are the following java objects that we store:
Wip  --> Wip Process(related table of Wip) -> Wip Qty (related table of Wip)
Lot --> Lot Qty(related table of Lot) -> Lot Process Location(related table of Lot)
The way our code works is this Wip,Lot,Shipment data are kept in csv files, they are then converted to thier respective java objects and then
persisted to the DB, one by one.
Suppose a file  can contain 100 Lot, 100 Wip, and 100 Shipment and they can be interlaced, what i mean is that Lot,Wip and Shipment can come in
any sequence, and not that first 100 Lot and then 100 Wip and then Shipment.
Suppose our file has Lot, Shipment and then Wip:
Current Problem:
Our setting in repository-database.xml is batch-mode is true,and autoComit is 2 and when the three objects are persisted, we find that
sometimes and that is quite rare, that the some of the objects are actually not persisted in DB, though there is no exception in logs,
we are using OJB1.0.4.
Current Code Behaviour of Code: -->
The way our code works is we get the transaction from the PB broker, and then start the transaction and then insert the Lot object,afterthat they
will persist the Lot Qty and Lot Process Location objects which are information related to lot, by setting the batch mode to true and then calling broker.
store(pc) for each LotQty or Lot Process Location and then call batchUpdate (intention being that the since for a single lot , there are multiple lot qty objects
it would be better to use batch updates for such objects ) and then set back the batch mode to false again. The Shipment record comes gets inserted
and in the code for every Shipment we dynamically generate a Wip record and save the record to DB, as similar to Lot, wip will have WippROCESSLocation
and WipQty which are saved by doing again batch Update,and again setting the batch update to false,and then the Wip record will go to DB as explained above
andthen commit or rollback the transaction.
Second way the same behaviour can be achieved in our code-->
We get the transaction ,start the transaction, and start the batch Mode to true, after making all the Lot,LotQty, Lot Process Location persistent and then make
the executeBatch call and then do the same for Shipment ie make the batchMode to true and then persist Shipment, dynamic Wip and then again call
batch Update and similar for Wip and then commit or rollback the transaction.
One question in this approach is that if I had written the code in such a way that we start the transaction , start the batch mode, and then save Lot,Lot Qty,
Lot Process Location ,Shipment, dynamic Wip and then Wip, Wip Qty,WipProcess Location, and then call batch Update, what i found is that process Shipment
if we need to find that if the Lot object is there in DB, then it was unable to acess the Lot Object, i am not able to understand why ??
Third Approach:--> Have batch Update to false in repository_database.xml, and then start the txn, call Lot,LotQty,Lot process location,Shipment
and dynamic Wip, Wip ,Wip Qty,Wip Process Location,and then commit or rollback the transaction, but then in this way we will not be able
to use the batch mode features to ehance the performance.
What is wanted to know :--.>
What i want to know is is the current way of writting hte batch Update is correct, or something is wrong, which is causing hte issue mentioned.
Is the second approach correct, if and why ?
Is the performance of the third approach almost similar the second or will be the very bad.

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