OJB error, class for key 'ImplementationClass' does not exist

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OJB error, class for key 'ImplementationClass' does not exist

Paul Joseph-3
Hi There,

My customer wanted me to move a copy of a Cocoon application that's been
working for four years in production, onto their sales demo Vista laptop.

I did, but get the following problem that prevents any connection being
made to the database (I don't think it is a password/authentication
issue, rather it is the first line--that the key 'ImplementationClass'
does not exist.

Any idea why this is a problem on Vista?

- Scheduler Cocoon_$_Thu_May_14_11:28:36_EDT_2009 started.
[org.apache.ojb.odmg.OJB] ERROR: ConfigurableFactory configuration key
class for key'ImplementationClass' does not exist.
[org.apache.ojb.broker.accesslayer.ConnectionFactoryAbstractImpl] ERROR:
Error getting Connection from DriverManager with url
(jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/WebTask) and driver
A connection error has occurred: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException:
FATAL: password authentication failed for user "WebTask"

Tomcat 5.5.23
Cocoon 2.1.6
Postgresql 8.2.4

I do have a Phoenix server that I was able to move to Vista and which
connects nicely to the same Postgres database.  Phoenix does not use OJB
and so I suppose that's where the problem lies.  Any suggestions?


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