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Re: Derby wiki will be migrating to new URLs this spring

Rick Hillegas-3
Hey Bryan,

I can help out with this chore during late March and April.


On 3/5/19 7:35 PM, Bryan Pendleton wrote:

> Hi all,
> Quoting from an internal Apache email:
>       "As you may be aware moin wiki service has been deprecated for
> some time now - we have not been accepting new moin wikis. "
>      "Infra has decided to close down the service, and so all projects
> that still have a moin wiki are being asked to migrate away to
> Confluence. We have set a deadline of May 31st, 3 months from now"
> The Derby wiki ( is a MoinMoin wiki.
> The purpose of this mail is:
> 1) To let people know that we're going to need to migrate the Derby wiki.
> 2) To find out if anyone can help with this task: there is a migration
> tool that will hopefully do most of the mechanical steps for us, but
> then we need some folks to sign on to the new wiki, make sure that the
> conversion has gone successfully, fix problems that are present after
> the conversion, help us find broken links that need to be changed,
> etc.
> 3) To propose that I will make a first attempt at using the wiki
> conversion tool over the weekend of Mar 22nd, 2019.
> Please let us know any feedback or ideas.
> thanks,
> bryan