The DdlUtils sub-project is retired.

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The DdlUtils sub-project is retired.

Bryan Pendleton-3
I am writing to notify the DdlUtils user community that the DdlUtils sub-project has
been 'moved to the Attic'. This means that the Apache DB developers (more
formally its Project Management Committee) have voted to retire DdlUtils.

Loosely speaking this means that the project's resources will be moved to a
read-only state.

You can read more about the Apache Attic and the process of moving to the
Attic at

As I noted during earlier messages about this event, all of the DdlUtils
source code, documentation, mailing list archives, and other materials
are still available, and you can (and should) continue to download and use

This notice of retirement is simply a formal acknowledgement that the
sub-project is no longer under active development.


Bryan Pendleton on behalf of Apache DB.