Torque 4.0-beta1 released

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Torque 4.0-beta1 released

Thomas Fox-2

The Torque development team is pleased to announce the release of Torque
The "look and feel" of Torque 3 was maintained. However, there are some
sunstantial changes:
- The generator is now a general-purpose code generator.
  - This means that the templates must now be specified as explicit
dependency in the generator. Check the tutorial for details.
- As the templates are now modular, it is easy to extend or modify the
generated code without having to replace the whole templates.
- A new Criteria implementation was created, with easier semantics. The old
Criteria implementation was retained but deprecated.
- The Torque runtime does not use the village library any more.
- Prepared statements are used throughout all queries.
- Column names are now encapsulated in objects.
- At least Java 1.5 is now required
- Database views are now supported out-of-the-box
- Supplying "null" as value for a database connection now results in an
error in Torque 4. In Torque 3, Torque automatically opened a database
connection if a connection argument was null.

Home page:

Migration guide:


Torque 4.0-beta1 is available via maven central under the following ids:
maven plugin:

Alternatively, source and binary documentation are available at:


Feel free to contact the torque-user mailing lists if you have any

   The Torque development team

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