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Torque 4.0 released

Thomas Fox-2

The Torque team is pleased to announce the release of Torque 4.0.

It is available via download on (please empty your
browser cache)
or via maven central under the group id org.apache.torque.

The most prominent changes with respect to 3.3 are
- The generator is now a general-purpose code generator.
- As the templates are now modular, it is easy to extend or modify the
generated code without having to replace the whole set of templates.
- A new Criteria implementation was created, with slightly changed
semantics. The old Criteria implementation was retained but deprecated.
- Prepared statements are used throughout all queries.
- Column names are now encapsulated in objects.
However, the overall look and feel of Torque 3 was maintained.

The most prominent changes with respect to 4.0-beta1 are
- Updates using custom SQL now use prepared statements.
- The documentation is now available for download.
- The documentation structure was reorganized.
- There are now specific exceptions thrown for deadlocks and constraint
violations (DeadlockException and ConstraintViolationException).
- Associated object state can now be set by a bulk operation (see generated
setAndSave methods in Peers).
- And a few bugs were fixed.

For a full list of changes, see

Website: (please empty your
browser cache)

Thanks to everyone who made this release possible !

      The Torque Team

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