migration leads to ORACLE data block corrupted

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migration leads to ORACLE data block corrupted

Dear all,

i face a strange problem.
We try to migrate/update a schema using ddlutils with oracle (on windows)
During migration we get  ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted
Further examination showed that an primary key index of a newly created table (ipd_lre_)
was corrupted. This tables has been created by ddlutils and the data from ipd_lre
was being copied incompletely to this table.
ipd_lre contained about 50000 lines at the beginning.
After recreating the corrupted index  and starting the migration again (4 times).
It finish, but all rows were eliminated.

We could not identify any disk or i/o problems.

We created a new tablespace/datafile and imported the schema.
The problem was reproduced, again the corruption error ocured.

ipd_lre has a primary key using two columns
ipd_lre has also clob data columns

We use an oracle 11 thin jdbc driver.

Of course there are lots of different ways to try?
But what do you think is the most promising?
Anyone who had similar problems?

Stefan Schmitz-Linneweber