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I'm using Ddlutils-1.0.jar, which was jar'ed after checking out trunk from SVN. For some reason when I'm loading data from my XML file in to MS SQL Server, I'm getting below exception There are 8 rows still not written because of missing referenced rows

I'm not sure why Ddlutils unable to insert records. The DDL Util is supposed to hold back the insertion of certain referencing rows until the referenced rows have been posted to the database.The work around is remove foreign key constraints from schema, insert all data and then add them back again. I tried to solve this by checking out latest code from SVN trunk, jar'ed using ANT jar (target). But my problem is not solved. It still says above exception.

Can anyone help me in digesting this problem?

1. I tried to jar trunk version and could not able to solve the problem
2. Tried checking out RC2 version and same problem

Someone help me urgently by letting me know how to checkout 1.3 version of code in my local form Ddlutils source code?