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svn commit: r1070420 - /websites/production/db/content/derby/docs/10.15/getstart/rgslib46043.html

Author: rhillegas
Date: Thu Jan 21 16:08:06 2021
New Revision: 1070420

DERBY-7097: Update Derby website with new page from the 10.15 Getting Started Guide, corresponding to revision 1885763.


Modified: websites/production/db/content/derby/docs/10.15/getstart/rgslib46043.html
--- websites/production/db/content/derby/docs/10.15/getstart/rgslib46043.html (original)
+++ websites/production/db/content/derby/docs/10.15/getstart/rgslib46043.html Thu Jan 21 16:08:06 2021
@@ -143,7 +143,8 @@ only. The following table shows the tool
 <td valign="top" width="65%" headers="N10191">Required for running all the
 <span>Derby</span> tools (such as
 <samp class="codeph">ij</samp>, <samp class="codeph">dblook</samp>, and import/export). This module
-is also required if you are running a network server.</td>
+is also required if you are running a network server. This module
+is also required if your application directly references the JDBC drivers.</td>