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svn commit: r987163 - /websites/production/db/content/derby/derby_tests.html

Author: bpendleton
Date: Sat Apr 30 15:24:44 2016
New Revision: 987163

DERBY-6886: Update links to test results

Neither IBM nor Oracle host externally-available machines with current
Derby test results, and the links to the old locations of such results
are no longer operational, so this change removes those links from the
Derby web site.

The change also modifies the site to include a link to the Apache Jenkins
test results for Derby.


Modified: websites/production/db/content/derby/derby_tests.html
--- websites/production/db/content/derby/derby_tests.html (original)
+++ websites/production/db/content/derby/derby_tests.html Sat Apr 30 15:24:44 2016
@@ -188,21 +188,16 @@ If you have questions about the results,
-<a class="external" href="">Oracle Java DB Regression Test Results</a>
+<a class="external" href="">Apache Jenkins test results on trunk</a>
-<a class="external" href="">IBM Regression Test Results</a>
-<em>Last updated: Feb 1, 2013</em>
+<em>Last updated: May, 2016</em>